2024 9th Congressional District Convention


The Tony Rand Student Center at Fayetteville Technical Community College provided space and parking well suited to this event on Saturday, 4-20-24. Harnett County Dems had to attend District 13 Convention in Smithfield and District 9 Convention in Fayetteville due to the Gerrymandering of Districts that has occurred since 2022. But, Harnett County Dems “gotta ‘er done”.

Maurice Holland, Jr., District 9 Chairperson, convened the meeting. After a warm welcome and declaration of a quorum, the meeting was called to order. The NC Democratic Party Statement of Inclusion, Pledge of Allegiance and Salute to the NC Flag ended the preliminary opening. Business measures included assuring there was a quorum of counties present, with only Lee and Richmond counties not represented. Statewide Committee representatives are:

  • State Convention Committee on Credentials and Appeals by Jan Nichols
  • Council of Review by Jim Davis (re-elected)
  • Resolutions and Platform Committee, Mario Benavente (a Fayetteville Councilman)
  • Plan of Organizational Review Committee by Sharon Johnson
  • Delegates for the Democratic National Convention for each District is 5, 3 females and 2 males (one of which is a 20-something Latino young man who introduced himself as having been an activist since he was 14 years old)

Resolutions were collectively approved. Resolutions from Chatham County included Veteran Treatment Centers, Elevating Teacher Pay, and Equal treatment of the inhabitants of Israel and Palestine. Cumberland County submitted a resolution calling for de-escalation and cease-fire in Israel and occupied Palestine. Randolph submitted a Resolution to Equitably Distribute Sustaining Fund Fees for Precincts.

The meeting was very productive, and representatives evidenced a helpful, collegial cooperative environment. Announcements included a reminder of the Saturday, June 1st Summer SEC Meeting and State Convention.