Board of Commissioners' Self-Serving February decisions

It was a good February if you were a county commissioner. 3 of them made self-serving motions that passed with our sole Democrat commissioner objecting. 

They used ARPA funds to pay for a child-care improvement at a non-profit* for Dist 5's Matt Nicol, leveled water tap fees for all size lines for Dist 2's Bill Morris and moved up a water pump station by 3 years for Dist 4's Lew Weatherspoon. Sound inocuous? They're not.

In 2022, Matt Nicol proposed and got all County funding for non-profits cancelled. This represented $68K for fifteen '501c3' organizations in small amounts of $3K to $7K. Now, he convinced a majority of the commissioners to spend $295K for childcare operations for a non-profit! What happened? Well, it's a reelection year for Nicol. Democratic Dist 5 candidate Markita McCrimmon could discern the importance of being fair to all non-profits in the county, not just a personal choice. Check her out!

If you're building a new home and want a 2" water line versus a .34" line, viola! The price is now the same. Previously Harnett County's Water Dept charged more for the 1" and 2 " lines, which 95% of the state's water suppliers do. But Commissioner Morris had a constiuent that complained about the cost of the 2"line and voila! the cost of the 2" lines are now the same as a 3/4" line. When costs are rising and we are all facing property value reevaluations, is our county board of commissioners giving away money for a few?

Lastly, Dist 4 Lew Weatherspoon, now a lame duck commissioner, convinced the water board to move up an approved water pump station in Dist 4 from the '28-'29 calendar to '25-'26! Wow! Who benefits? Well large developer Greenfield, who owns a large parcel(s) in NW Harnett, needs the pump station to improve fire water pressure to get their residential projects approved. More housing! Kate Reichert, farmer & Democratic Dist 4 candidate, wants to save the farmland from aggressive developments. Check her out!

So it's good to be a commissioner these days! Watch the Board of Commissioners Video