The Mid-term Election year is upon us! Voters will be asked to vote at the Primary election on May 17 and the General election on Nov 8. The Primary will determine which Democrat is elected to run in the General election in November.

Why vote this year?

New laws across the country and in North Carolina have limited citizens' access to vote, to healthcare, to education and more:

  • Clearly our democracy is under attack from conservative voters and lawmakers.
  • Republicans believe in a narrow definition of equality, diplomacy, social services and justice.
  • Republicans believe in the lies the former President purports about election fraud (there was none).
  • Many believe that no one ever gave them a break so why should they give someone else a helping hand?

But how can a culture care for each other with narrow definitions?

We can't allow their voices of resentment and anger to be the loudest. We can't allow those voices to determine our future.

Not every Democratic voter believes whole-heartedly in what the entire Democratic platform purports to be. But make no mistake, Democrats take the inclusive view about country, citizens, climate, currency and culture. The Republicans do not.

We encourage you to join us. Vote this May 17 and Nov 8.