A report on Democratic Judiciary Candidates 

Election Day is the public’s chance to win back the courts and reinstate justice that eroded with the Republican takeover in 2022, NC Supreme Court Justice Allison Riggs told supporters June 10.

“When Democrats controlled the court, we had a rule that extreme partisan gerrymandering was wrong,” Riggs said. When Republicans took over, that vanished. “This year is critical,” she said.

Riggs is the newest State Supreme Court justice, running for the seat to which she was appointed by Gov. Roy Cooper following the resignation of Justice Mike Morgan.

Riggs, a veteran civil rights attorney who has twice argued before the U.S. Supreme Court, spoke to supporters in Harnett County at Judicial June, an event sponsored by the county Democratic Party. It was the fifth time Riggs has visited Harnett to seek support.

“Harnett County is really important,” she said. “This is where we will win statewide election.

Riggs was joined at the event by Court of Appeals Judge Carolyn Thompson, who was appointed to seat 12, which Riggs vacated, and former Buncombe County Commissioner Martin Moore, who is running for seat 15 on the Court of Appeals. In absentia was Ed Eldred of Carboro, who is seeking election to seat 14 on the Court of Appeals.

Together, they said, they are the Judicial “TEAM” of Thompson, Eldred, Allison (Riggs) and Moore.

Thompson, who is an ordained minister, said knocking on doors is the best way to reach voters, adding that when she campaigns “I don’t preach, I start a conversation.”

“They call us activist judges. Well, I’m actively looking for justice!” Thompson said.

Moore commented that the courts are “center stage” for conversations about important topics such as women’s health care, the environment and extremism. Riggs added that the courts can help on issues surrounding public education, jobs and ending disparities in the criminal justice system.

“The fight continues because the issues continue,” Thompson said.

For information about these candidates go to riggsforourcourts.com; judgecarolynthompson.com; eldredforjudge.com; and martinforjudge.com.

Reminded Harnett Democratic chair Rebekah Brock: “Judges are the backstop to our chaos.”