Meeting up with Josh Stein in Lillington


Right wing politicians are taking a “sledgehammer” to North Carolina and it’s up to Democrats to stop them, candidate for Governor Josh Stein said in Lillington on Tuesday.

They’re underfunding public schools, restricting voting rights and threatening reproductive rights, Stein said.

“It’s a disgrace” that North Carolina ranks 49th in the nation in per pupil funding, he said. “We must make sure that every child gets a good education.”

Stein got a rousing reception from supporters during his May 28 visit to Atkins House in Lillington, where supporters and well-wishers had gathered to cheer on Stein’s quest for governor.

“Teachers who have to dip into their own pockets for school supplies are worth fighting for,” he said.

Stein touted his accomplishments as North Carolina’s attorney general, pointing out the $1.5 billion the state got from lawsuits against the opioid industry. He also cited his work smoothing out state government.

“We eliminated the backlog of untested rape kits and now we’re solving crimes” with DNA the tests disclosed, he explained.

Stein said he felt good at the turnout for his appearance, acknowledging the presence of former Lieutenant Gov. Dennis Wicker, former congressman Bob Ethridge, Sanford Mayor Rebecca Salmon, County Commissioner Barbara McKoy and a slew of Harnett County notables. Included as well were County Commission Dist. 4 candidate Kate Reichert, School Board Dist. 2 candidate Rose Ferguson and State Senate Dist. 12 candidate Tanya White-Anderson.

“When you go to a town and be in a room with everyone who wants the same things, it just lifts you up,” an ebullient Stein told supporters.

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Democratic candidate for Governor Josh Stein with former State Senate candidate Richard Chapman and Democratic Party chair Rebekah Brock.