New Congressional, NC Senate and NC House of Representative redistricting –
Folks, we got the short end of the map drawing. Our county is split in 2 of the maps, whole only in the NC senate district. There are several lawsuits challenging these maps. Our approved maps have been graded ‘F’ by the Princeton Gerrymander Project

Harnett was split into 2 NC house districts, 6 & 53. There is no incumbent in Dist 6 -

Harnett is one of 2 whole counties in the NC senate district 12 –

US Congressional districts; NC added 1 new congressional district and our split county is now mainly whole, called District #4. The exception is the NW Duncan area that migrates to District 7 with Chatham, Randolph, Alamance & portions of 3 other counties.

Make no mistake, when your county is split, our vote is diluted.