Region 8 Democratic Women of NC Convention


Region 8 Democratic Women Chapters include Wayne County, Edgecombe County, Nash County, Wilson County, Johnston County, Pitt County, Harnett County, and Lenoir County. There were representatives from almost all the counties including Angie Collins, Christina Dineen, and Grace Watts from Harnett County. 

Officers were elected for a two-year term to Region 8. Robin Latham was elected as Regional Director, Christina Dineen elected as Regional Deputy Director, and Marsha Hansen for Regional Secretary. 

Volunteers were assigned to various committees: Constitution and By-Laws, Public Relations, Fund Development, Membership, and Legislative.

Paula Shelton, President of NC Democratic Women, was present. She spoke about the importance of canvassing for our candidates. It has statistically proven to "move the needle" more than any other outreach. This is a critical year, even one vote will make a difference to our Democratic Candidates.

Paula's message to the Democratic Women of NC:

We will defend Democracy, we will Secure our Rights, we will Vote to Protect Our Future.

Paula also spoke about the 2024 Democratic Women's Convention. The convention will begin September 13 and end on the 15th. It will 

Mo Green spoke to us directly via Zoom. He said that "we are voting for the soul of Public Education." Our Public School System in NC is being systematically dismantled. We are 48th in funding for each student and 46th in teacher pay. The current Voucher Program allows the wealthiest of the wealthiest to send their child to private school for free, or on our tax dollars.

Mo Green states that it is important to elect a Superintendent of Public Instruction who ACTUALLY believes in public education. His focus is on  excellence of character as well as excellence on academics. He was the Superintendent of Guilford County Schools for 7 years. During that time, an elementary school, middle school, and high school, from Guilford County, became the #1 statewide school. A Guilford County High School was #1 in the whole country. He did this by celebrating the good, by including the importance of good character with academic excellence. 

As Superintendent of Instruction for North Carolina, Mo Green proposes the following:

  • Fully funding the Public Education system. Currently, we are $5000/student BELOW the national average.
  • Revering Educators and bringing teacher pay up to the national average. We are 46th in teacher pay.
  • Preparing students for their future by offering differentiated instruction. Some students need career and technical opportunities while others need college prep. There are also students with other special needs that will benefit from differentiated instruction.
  • Improving parent and community engagement
  • providing safe and secure learning environment