Conference energizes Democrats to win in November

Ken Martin came all the way from Minnesota to remind North Carolina Democrats what his state understands but people here are still unclear about: Ground Zero for saving democracy is North Carolina!”

Our state. Not his. Our voters in our cities, our counties and our towns. And time is running short.

“We have to stop hanging our heads,” he told state Democrats gathered in Nash County on Feb. 24. “Stop agonizing and start evangelizing. Celebrate our successes.” Because every election matters. And every election has consequences. As our President Joe Biden says: ‘Don’t compared him to the Almighty. Compare him to the Alternative.”

Martin ought to know. He’s not only a key Democrat in Minnesota, he’s also vice chair of the Democratic National Committee and a longtime force for the Blue. His message of encouragement to Carolina Democrats was wildly received Saturday by 559 members of the State Executive Committee who convened in Rocky Mount for their Winter meeting.

            Mike Morgan, North Carolina Supreme Court justice and candidate for governor, picked up the mantle and ran with it, vowing to take the governor’s mansion and get the state back on track. “I will defeat Mark Robinson,” he pledged. “It’s in my DNA. I know how to handle guys like that.”


            “We’ve got to stop this growing monster in Raleigh,” Secretary of State Elaine Marshall insisted.

            “We’ve got to fight for the courts and our legislature. And we’re going to play to win,” said Supreme Court Justice Allison Riggs. “We’re going to take back our courts together.”

            “2024 is about the survival of America,” reminded attorney general candidate Tim Dunn.


            So it went. All day a parade of Democratic candidates or their representatives took to the microphone to urge effort, energy, hard work and pride. To emphasize the importance of winning in November. To remind Democrats that their values are on the line in every race.


“Ignore the pollsters, pundits and politicos,” Martin reminded. “We have 254 days. It’s time to deliver. It’s time to fight.”


Richard Chapman



Ken Martin, vice chair of the Democratic National Committee, encourages North Carolina Democrats gathered Feb. 24 in Rocky Mount for a State Executive Committee conference. At right is state party chair Anderson Clayton

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