The Democratic candidates listed below are the candidates that will be on your ballot in the November 2024 General Election 


Tanya White Anderson NC Senate District 12. Tanya White Anderson is a community leader and advocate for public education, the working class, and military veterans. Tanya has worked to improve veterans' access to healthcare, housing, and job training. She is committed to improving public education because every child deserves a quality education. Website for Tanya White Anderson

Kevin Thurman NC House District 53. Kevin is an advocate for a quality public education and economic recovery in neglected areas of the state. He is a proud product of Harnett County Schools and holds degrees from Duke University and NC Central University. Website for Kevin Thurman


Kiara JohnsonKiara Johnson NC House District 6. Kiara wants better quality education, more schools, and better pay for teachers. Website for Kiara Johnson

Markita McCrimmon Harnett Commission District 5. Markita would improve transparency and communication between the citizens, county government, and Board of Commissioners to District 5 as well as the whole county. She would ensure funding and resources are available to all constituencies of our schools given its rapid growth and over capacity operations. Website for Markita McCrimmon

Kate Reichert Harnett Commission District 4. Kate believes citizens of Harnett County need a stronger voice, common sense leardership and a fresh perspective given the strain of our rapid growth. Her primary focus is on responsible growth, farmland protection, economic development, a quality education system and transparency in local government. Website for Kate Reichert


Scott Daniel Harnett Commission District 3. Scott Daniel is a 7th generation Harnett citizen, works as a NC public servant, has a working knowledge of contracts/budgets, the ability to listen and be heard, and values the importance of facts. He is excited about supporting the common interests/concerns of residents in Harnett County's District 3.


Rose Ferguson Harnett School Board District 2. Every child deserves a champion! Rose will create a more equitable and inclusive educational environment where failure will not be an option. With 55% of students considered non-proficient, the children of Harnett County deserve better, and with your help, she will be the change agent to make it better! Website for Rose Ferguson

Olaf El Harnett School Board District 4. A veteran, water quality manager and public servant, Olaf knows the value of reading, science, and math. His focus is improving the operational performance of Harnett County Schools, increasing resources for teachers and staff as well as insisting on student preparedness for post educational success. Website for Olaf El


Josh Stein website for Josh Stein Josh Stein Message to Harnett
Rachel Hunt website for Rachel Hunt Rachel Hunt's Message to Harnett
Jeff Jackson  website for Jeff Jackson Jeff Jackson's Message to Harnett
Mo Green    website for Mo Green Mo Green's Message to Harnett
Wesley Harris website for Wesley Harris Wesley Harris Message to Harnett
Natasha Marcus website for Natasha Marcus Natasha Marcus Message to Harnett
Allison Riggs  website for Allison Riggs  

NC Secretary of State

Elaine Marshall

Website for Elaine Marshall


Braxton Winston, NC Labor Commissioner. Braxton is a Dad, union member, and Davidson alum. As Charlotte Mayor Pro Tem and City Council member, he developed a more equitable, accessible, and interconnected city. Twice, NC has been named the #1 state for business. As Labor Commissioner, he will progress NC to be #1 for business and workers. Website for Braxton Winston


Sarah Taber, NC Agricultural Commissioner. Sarah has launched greenhouses and farms now worth over $4B! She has brought unlikely people into agri-business and them succeed. She believes NC can double and triple earnings. Knowing what to grow, who can do it and how to maximize efforts are key on-ramps to new and expanded agri-business. Website for Sarah Taber


Judge Carolyn Thompson, NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 12. Judge Carolyn Thompson is a former District and Superior Court Judge, deputy Commissioner on Industrial Commission and currently appointed Court of Appeals Judge. Carolyn understands the importance of upholding the Constitution and applying the law to the facts of the case. State certified mediator for Superior Court involving complex financial disputes.

 Website for Carolyn Thompson