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 ***Call out to Harnett County Democrats***


This from the NC League of Women Voters and HCDP, we urge you to contact your N.C. House representative about an expected vote on House Bill 823. The Senate has already passed their version, Senate Bill 406. Please act swiftly!
It is expected that 70% of additional vouchers funded in this bill would go to families of four earning more than $115,000 – and 23% would go to families earning $260,000 or more a year. 
With this bill, legislators are signaling that there are state funds available for Opportunity Scholarships at private schools, but not for adequately funding public schools, including providing critically needed higher teacher salaries.  
Letters, emails, and calls are needed now, relaying this simple message: 
"I am very concerned about the voucher program. Expanding the Opportunity Scholarship program so that it funds the wealthiest students is NOT a fair use of public money. In addition, private schools have very limited accountability, regarding both how well they are educating students and how they use the funds. Providing an additional $248 million on top of the $385 million already allocated for the 2024-25 school year is wrong for North Carolina.” 


A report on Democratic Judiciary Candidates by Richard Chapman

Election Day is the public’s chance to win back the courts and reinstate justice that eroded with the Republican takeover in 2022, NC Supreme Court Justice Allison Riggs told supporters June 10.

“When Democrats controlled the court, we had a rule that extreme partisan gerrymandering was wrong,” Riggs said. When Republicans took over, that vanished. “This year is critical,” she said.

Riggs is the newest State Supreme Court justice, running for the seat to which she was appointed by Gov. Roy Cooper following the resignation of Justice Mike Morgan.

Riggs, a veteran civil rights attorney who has twice argued before the U.S. Supreme Court, spoke to supporters in Harnett County at Judicial June, an event sponsored by the county Democratic Party. It was the fifth time Riggs has visited Harnett to seek support.

“Harnett County is really important,” she said. “This is where we will win statewide election.

Riggs was joined at the event by Court of Appeals Judge Carolyn Thompson, who was appointed to seat 12, which Riggs vacated, and former Buncombe County Commissioner Martin Moore, who is running for seat 15 on the Court of Appeals. In absentia was Ed Eldred of Carboro, who is seeking election to seat 14 on the Court of Appeals.

Together, they said, they are the Judicial “TEAM” of Thompson, Eldred, Allison (Riggs) and Moore.

Thompson, who is an ordained minister, said knocking on doors is the best way to reach voters, adding that when she campaigns “I don’t preach, I start a conversation.”

“They call us activist judges. Well, I’m actively looking for justice!” Thompson said.

Moore commented that the courts are “center stage” for conversations about important topics such as women’s health care, the environment and extremism. Riggs added that the courts can help on issues surrounding public education, jobs and ending disparities in the criminal justice system.

“The fight continues because the issues continue,” Thompson said.

For information about these candidates go to;;; and

Reminded Harnett Democratic chair Rebekah Brock: “Judges are the backstop to our chaos.”


Democratic candidate for Governor, Josh Stein, came to Lillington. Read what he had to say about the NC GOP taking a "sledgehammer" to OUR state. Please visit "In the Know" to read the full article written by attendee, Richard Chapman. 

Democratic candidate for NC Superintendent of Public Instruction, Maurice "Mo" Green, speaks at a rally. He tells us we must be "Champions for Education". He has a 4-point plan to get our public schools back on track. Please visit "In the Know" to read the full article.


The Harnett County Democratic Party is currently organizing a Veteran's Caucus. If you are a veteran and a registered Democrat, contact Jason Cain at Veteran's Caucus

Our Democratic candidates offer solutions and sensible ideas to address the explosion of unfettered development in our county. They are focused on representing ALL the citizens and addressing important issues like our failing schools and serious lack of new businesses. Speaking of our failing schools, did you know that North Carolina's per pupil spending of $9,958 placed the state 43rd in the nation? Harnett County only spends $1321.51 per student. This increases to $1416.17 if approved for 24-25 budget. This also includes charter school students. Is it any wonder our schools are failing? It is up to the County Commissioners to reverse the destruction of our public schools. Currently the Commissioners are overwhelmingly republican with one lone Democrat, Barbara McKoy. Harnett County needs stronger advocates for public schools. Our children deserve better.

Please visit the Candidate section of this website to find direct links to our candidates' websites as well as their pictures and short statement of campaign highlights. You will also find information about candidate events.



Our First day of canvassing! Thank you to all our great volunteers. Together we knocked on over 350 doors and presented our 2024 Voter's Guide. If you're interested in volunteering but have never canvassed before, a training session is being held Saturday, May 18th from 1:00 to 3:30 at the Commons in Lillington. Training for Canvassers


Looking for ways to get involved? The Harnett County Democratic Party has numerous opportunities! Visit our "Take Action" section or contact your Precinct Chairperson. You will find your precinct Chairperson in the "Take Action" subpage "Find your Precinct."

Look for us on Facebook! We'd love to have you in our community.


Have you looked at the Republican Plan for our country in Project 2025?

Besides totally eliminating the federal Department of Education, they want us to have an Education Savings Account, funded by state and local taxes, so parents could choose their own set of education options for their child. The catch here is that some of the schools will be faith based. But, there's more! These "savings accounts" will be managed by "charitable nonprofits" In other words, the wolves will be holding the keys to the henhouse. Here's the link:   PROJECT 2025 




And take a look at our video as to why we believe the way we do....

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