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Harnett County Democratic Party

It's Time to Vote!! 

As of Saturday, 2-24-24, there have been 2600 ballots cast in Harnett County. Of those 2600, 900 are Democrat Ballots.

Who do you want to be your Democratic Nominee for Governor? For Lieutenant Governor? For Attorney General? For Commissioner of Insurance? For Superintendent of Schools? For Treasurer? For Supreme Court Associate Justice Seat 6?

Now is the time for you to vote for YOUR choice from our excellent slate of candidates. You will find a list of Democratic Primary Candidates with links to their website in the Candidates section of this website.

Early voting is available until March 2nd. Election Day is March 5th. 

You will need photo ID to vote. If you don't have one, FREE Photo ID is provided by the County Board of Elections, 308 W Duncan St, Lillington. Here's the link:

Voter ID | NCSBE

Primary Volunteer opportunities - Feb 15 through March 5 Super Tuesday -
Democracy doesn’t happen without our involvement. We need to be watchdogs and promoters of this ‘situation’. Voting is the main pillar of democracy and I hope you’ll participate by voting and by volunteering at the polls; In person, either inside the polls or outside handing out sample ballots–please we need your help! Here's a link to our volunteer sign up:

Primary Early Voting Volunteer Shifts - Harnett County Democratic Party (


The Primary Candidate Event 

Primary candidates for Governor and NC Superintendent of Schools visited Harnett County on February 12th and briefly outlined their visions for the state of North Carolina. Please visit our News section for a report and pictures of this event. Candidates featured below are Gary Foxx, Katie Eddings, Kenon Crumble, and Mike Morgan.

morgan,foxx,eddings, crumble

The HCDP Sample Ballot is now posted in the Election Section of the website. This ballot lists the Democratic Candidates you'll be voting for in this Primary Election. Voting, and having those votes honored, is the very foundation of American life. Voting is your voice, and your voice matters. 


February is Black History Month. The theme for 2024 Black History Month is African Americans and the Arts.

Please read the stories shared by the 2024 Honorees of the Civil Rights Remembrance Event held on Saturday, Feb. 3rd in Lillington. Visit the NEWS page for pictures and an article written by Richard Chapman, writer for the Harnett County Democratic Party.



And take a look at our video as to why we believe the way we do....

Why I am a Harnett County, NC Democrat (

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