The Harnett County Democratic Convention was a great success! All 13 precincts were represented by a host of energetic, committed Democrats. 

We elected representatives for the North Carolina Democratic Party Executive Committees. Congratulations and thank you to the following newly elected Delegates:

13th Congressional District Executive Committee:

Rebekah Brock and Elizabeth Longman

NC Senate District 12 Executive Committee:

Tonya White Anderson and Grant Gibson

NC House District 6 Executive Committee:

Rose Ferguson and Alan Longman


NC House District 53 Executive Committee:

Scott Daniels and Sally Benson

NC Prosecutorial (District Attorney) District 12:

Markita McKimmon and Kate Reichert

13th Congressional Convention:

To be decided Saturday, April 20th


We also heard from some of our local candidates. Their 3 minute speeches were uplifting, each delivering a strong commitment to better serve the people of Harnett County. Here is a little synopsis from each candidate:

Tanya White Anderson, NC Senate District 12 candidate spoke of her support for veterans and their need for housing and healthcare. She addressed our failing schools in Harnett County and the need to increase teacher pay as well as every child having access to quality education.

Kiara Johnson, candidate for NC House District 6, was unable to attend but had Elizabeth Longman share her message. Kiara Johnson strongly supports the idea that we have to invest in the people of NC to have a better NC. She has a nine point plan to improve our public education system.

Scott Daniel, County Commission District 3 candidate, spoke about the need for better planning with this explosion of development. He also strongly advocates increasing teacher pay and putting our tax dollars back into the public school system. Mr. Daniel talked about our crumbling infrastructure, bringing attention to dangerous back roads. 

Kate Reichert, County Commission District 4 candidate, is also a strong voice in addressing our failing school system. 16 schools in Harnett County were designated low performance for the 22-23 school year. Kate Reichert has deep roots in the agricultural community of Harnett County. She is a fourth generation farmer. In addition to these deep agricultural roots, Kate's 40 year career in cancer research has given her the tools needed to manage the growth in Harnett County. 

Markita McCrimmon, County Commission District 5 candidate, spoke of "bridging the gap" between the citizens of Harnett County and County Government. Ensuring funding and resources to our schools is a top priority. 

Rose Ferguson, candidate for School Board District 2, has vast experience in our education system from the classroom to administration. She spoke about increasing teacher pay in order to retain current teachers and recruit teachers, planning for future growth, and keeping focus on the needs of children.